Nothing makes you rant like….

Nothing, absolutely nothing makes you rant in writing like being in bed under the influence of medicines trying to get things done. Honestly, I make a mental note of one new topic I could just ramble on at least once a week, hoping some of my jobless friends (no, come on, I don’t mean you, I meant my OTHER friends) and internet freaks for whom 9gag or reddit are too mainstream, would come along nicely and read, criticize and appreciate. But my cerebral cortex loses track of my thought train way too much, way too often. So this one is just pure trash talk, thinking out loud. But luckily for you, I’ll crystalise all the threads this tiny cerebrum is trying to hold on to into proper words, simple enough for me to write in such a practically inebriated state. Damn you, medical science, you made me groggy!


Anyway, I was wondering – What’s with these terms like “Brexit” and “Quitaly” in serious journalism, I thought these pieces of crap were just exclusive to the celebrity couples like Brangelina (Brad Pitt- Angelina Jolie) or worthless couples trying to create such an amalgamation of their own names – like having one helps to sail through together when there’s non-1st world problem in life! Duh-uh!

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Really? Call me old fashion but I refuse to foray into such contamination of language. I was afraid you’d say, many people are adopting such changes and it’s becoming popular; language evolve. Well, well, many people are pure stupid, should we just go ahead and adopt all their standards? I thought so.
If you’re purely interested in coming up with new words, I’ll throw you one – “a person scared of exclusively lizards and lizard-like creatures, not the entire reptile family”. So, snakes are cool, but no lizard.
I thought we are transitioning into a more formal journalism and language usage day by day. I’m not making this up, it was graciously pointed out by the revered late Mr. George Carlin almost two decades ago. For starters, get this – “Shell Shock” of the 20s is now “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Who is behind this, I couldn’t fathom though. I mean, who in their rightful mind would not like to get it done with in two syllables. I’d happily trade this one.
What was I saying, yea, Brexit, what are we doing, playing taboo trying to guess the word “Euro” without using any country names!! Lame! It truly actually bothers me, and a part of me dies when I hear such terms.

In other news, living in India means repressive society, especially for women. But somehow we manage to employ only men in shops selling women’s intimate apparel and sarees. Well, I’d much rather prefer a woman trying to drape a saree over my Led Zepplin T-shirt. It’s crazy. Prima facie, I have two possible explanation in my mind about this.
One – This is a progressive step in showing that we’re becoming open to the idea of egalitarianism and this is just a way of silently protesting against the societal norms. As long as you are good at looking, guessing and selling, your gender doesn’t matter.
Two – It’s human nature not to question everything and accept what we have always grown up watching as a constant. I presume this has been going on since the stone age years when women were effectively just some household maintenance help. And even though, times have changed, we never questioned and accepted things to be as is.
My heart so wants to believe in the first story I picked from my wishful Utopian fantasies, my mind is still not sleepy enough to let go of the effing reality.

I do sound elitist, almost a snob. But if Seinfeld has taught me anything, it’s “People are the worst.” Well, that episode <3. That’s all for tonight –  comments, public verbal bashing are welcome. I assure you, I’ll get outta this soft bed finally tomorrow, so peace, next post’s gonna be a while.

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