Geeks I find immensely cute

I’d like to apologize in advance to all the mature people, because I agree this post is very stupid, in fact, it could have made more sense had it been written by me during my teenage years. Though the list would have been longer then and it would have needed more patience and time of yours to go through the whole post. Nonetheless, here’s the list, happy reading:

Peter Sunde


By far, the cutest of them all. Certainly an outlaw and probably the only one among the co-founders of ThePirateBay that is shown with a positive light in the famous documentary TPB-AFK. He recently announced, he’ll be running for the European Parliament in Finland. Well, that’s even cuter, a geek, an (erstwhile) outlaw, and now, a politician too. Wow! We need more of these in India. (Perhaps, that’ll interest females to get into politics)

images (1)

Another pointer to him, and not many people know this..but he does a lot of work for the environment, and tried to focus his work towards better rights for people, mind you, people, not companies. I mean, what else can you ask for. He loves travelling and learning new languages. And, THAT my friend, is so hot. (You see, additive effect)

Kevin Mitnick

Well, when I say Kevin Mitnick is one of the geeks I find pretty cute, I certainly don’t mean his scary-mobster look back in 90’s when he was a convicted criminal and a hacker, i.e., this:


I mean the new sophisticated and, for the lack of better word, “dashing” look. Of course, it’s intriguing how he managed to be a highly reputed consultant for the companies who wanted him arrested so badly, and that too, for the very same work: “hacking”. I mean, woah, respect! 


And I guess, it must be evident, by now, that I have a thing for outlaws. 😀 Just kidding.. Or am I? 😉

Sergey Brin

Well, this man along with his friend, Larry Page, founded and made Google as we know it. I mean like really. Two men army. Genius, far-sighted, successful and not-less-importantly cute. I mean, do you really understand the gravity of the fact that, he’s so handsome as well as so intelligent; girls dig that shit; and still, these men manage to channelize their energy and time towards building their dream?!?!?!

Internet And Technology Leaders Address Web 2.0 Summit 2011

I have read The Google Story and I can tell you, these men are crazy and awesome and creative and awesome and  I say, visionary and of course, awesome: prodigies we all thank (for Google).

P.S. I do respect Larry for the same, but cute? neih…!!

Jack Dorsey

Well, not so popular among girls, as far I know, for reasons someone like me (who has an eye for “cute geeks”) could never understand. He’s one of the most famous web developer in the world, that doesn’t count for anything? He’s cute, duhh, haven’t seen a cuter version of geeks. He’s the founder and chairman of Twitter, ranked among the top innovators in technology, I can’t seem to remember the list or the award he got recently, he was all over the news, and the same night, in my dreams too, for some reason, I dreamt of attending his TED talk, Heaven knows why!


Anyway, I think he’s even cuter than Sergey, and he’s mostly seen suited up, adding to his charisma. And and and, if I’m not wrong, he looks like Channing Tatum, doesn’t he?

Pranav Mistry


No, folks, I’m not biased towards foreigners or white men. If you’re geeky enough, famous/infamous enough and cute enough, you’d be on my list. So, here’s the winner among the Indians. He is the inventor of SixthSense, a wearable device that enables new interactions between the real world and the world of data. Haven’t heard of it, watch his TED video about the same, you’ll be flattered, doesn’t matter if you’re a tech-savvy person or not. I’m myself nothing close to geeky, yet I liked it a lot, and of course, you see, he’s on the list here among the likes of Peter Sunde. By now, you must have guessed, my personal favorite is Peter Sunde. Okay, getting back to Pranav, yes, if you think of the word ‘innovator’, he’s sure to come to your mind if you know about him, that is. He should be given the “Beauty + Brains” tag’s male version award.


He looks way too innocent and cute for someone his age. And who knows, if he had been an outlaw too for some period of time, I’d have liked him more than Peter Sunde. 😛

Eduardo Saverin

Ohhhhh, finally, we have come to him..Before I start babbling about him too, let me clarify that I DO NOT find Mark Zuckerberg cute, and that’s just my personal choice, so do not expect his name next. Anyway, if you’ve seen The Social Network, you’d recognize him as the character played by Andrew Garfield, a.k.a, the “amazing” spiderman. He’s one of the “stud” behind Facebook, I mean, one of the five co-founders of Facebook. Not quite the geek, really, but of course, this is my blog, I could include him in my list. He’s more of an investor (read: and tax-saver, being officially a Singaporean now), so of course, I’d say, he’s intelligent and of course, cute. More on him, separately, some other day.

One last thing, it’s a bummer, none of these men is blue-eyed!


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