Cons of an eidetic memory

Believe me, being the forgetful person I am, I’d kill to have an eidetic memory like Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)  or Mike Ross (Suits). I mean it’s probably the second most attractive thing in a person after intelligence.

(An eidetic memory without intelligence = not good enough (according to me)). Anyway, I would like to enumerate some of the many cons of having an eidetic memory too. (This is my way of saying “Grapes are sour.”)


  •  You can’t lie about forgetting something. For example, if your ex in infuriated that you didn’t wish him/her, you can’t say you lost his/her number, and that’s why couldn’t call.
  • Once you see the calories of some food, you’d remember it, and that might haunt you when you’re tempted to eat it later and literally torment your will power for dieting.
  • You become more susceptible to people trying to take advantage of this gift of yours (but then, this is possible for everything, I wouldn’t deny).


  • If you witness any crime, you can’t lie about not remembering exactly what happened, so you won’t be offered hefty amounts to by politicians and other loaded people. (You’ll know what I mean if you’re an Indian.)
  • Your elder or in fact younger siblings too would pester you for every little detail.
  • Your phone wouldn’t stop ringing, because anyone needing some stats would rather prefer calling you up then searching for it.
  • You’s ace your exams without studying much, and haters gonna hate. 😛000901
  • When you break up with someone, his/her face won’t get hazy with time. This is a bummer, isn’t it?
  • You never get to say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot.” : the tried-and-tested priceless excuse for everything.
  • You’d have so many factoids to share, but no one to listen. (Dude, that’s just uncool.)



  • You’d remember every face you see, and reverse might not be true, so virtually for most of the people you somehow find familiar, you’d still be a stranger.
  • You’d be so difficult to please. Nothing would seem new to you.
  • Nostalgia would be your life, more or less.
  • You could never forget the wrongs done to you, even if you forgive, you can’t just forget.


  • No job would be good enough for you, “Oh, that! So petty! You, ordinary humans expect me to do THAT!!”
  • And God forbid, if you lose your eyes, then you’re done for. 😀 (Just kidding.)
  • Those who don’t know about your gift, would assume you to be a stalker.


People don’t just say, “The forgetful are the happiest” just like that. 😀 This might sound a little harsh though. By the way, I forgot to mention: eidetic memory means a photographic memory, in case you don’t know. 😀 😀



5 thoughts on “Cons of an eidetic memory”

  1. Just one thing – people with an eidetic memory don’t actually remember everything and it’s definitely not the same as a “photographic memory”, which may or may not exist.

    I do not remember every phone number even though I have an eidetic memory. In my case I remember pieces of text that I find very interesting or moments in my life that had a great impact on me. I have regular “flashbacks” triggered by a sound, smell or location. The flashbacks are random, and often I can’t control them. Also I can’t control what gets stored into my eidetic memory and what doesn’t. I just feel this “click” and I know I’ll never forget it.

    But I still often forget what I at yesterday.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. It’s nice to get to know directly from the horse’s mouth. I guess, I’ve made some wrong perceptions watching movies/TV shows and reading casually about it. Not personally knowing someone with an eidetic memory also aggravated my ignorance. Can you tell me more about this “click” moments that you experience? Like a regular person, I also sometimes remember trivial information for many years which I didn’t consciously try to retain in my memories. Is it just a more frequent version of that with you?

      1. I suppose it’s similar, for me it just happens often. I can give an example: a few months ago at school, we discussed the abbreviation TFCC and what it stands for – Triangular Fibro-Cartilage Complex. My teacher said “you’ll probably all forget about that again” and that’s when I felt the “click”. Now, whenever I hear or read TFCC, it triggers a flashback to that specific moment and I remember exactly where I was sitting, where all my classmates were sitting, what the teacher was wearing, how he said it, etc. Not life a photo but more like a .GIF. So I know I’ll never forget it.

  2. Interesting read… I remember everything from the age of 1- 1/2 and it’s like flashbacks, information, reality crossed with pre-ordaining things so pyscogology has never worked! I can type without Looking, give me a couple of days and I will remember anything/everything I write a lot down and plan like a lawyer because I do easily loose track when de-railed but then when I’m on track I know without looking, I can smell, hear and it’s almost like I’m so AWARE of my surroundings, sensing things, presence, smells and so on. I retain information, brainstorm ALL the time full of ideas that ‘branch’ I dream reality & real things… sounds psychotic. But it’s real.

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