Lessons I learnt in college, precisely, at NSIT

Most of these lessons I’ve imbibed in the past four years, they may not be related to NSIT, but I’ve come to realize these during this period only. It was a life changing experience altogether, more negative than positive, yet important for the world out there is a cruel world.


1. First and foremost, you have to struggle on your own. Sure, you’ll have friends but at the end of it, you’re all alone.

2. No matter how regularly or sincerely you study, you’d still need to slog during last 1-2 days of exams and without referring to previous years’ papers, you won’t score very well. And on the contrary, if you just study very well in the last few days and make sure you go through previous years’ papers, with little intelligent study, you’re sure to do well.

3. There are all kinds of people out there. Nicer than the nicest you might have met so far otherwise, and stupider than you could have ever imagined. So perverted, you might consider him/her the “epitome of perversion”. And still, just don’t judge. They’re people after all.

4. If you need help, there would be more than one pair of hands to help you, all you gotta do is ask. It doesn’t matter if you’re not that great a friends with him/her.

5. If you don’t spread gossips you hear, people will stop telling you spicy news.

6. Drinking or smoking doesn’t make you an asshole, but they do make you more likely to be one. Avert it as much as you can, but don’t consider such things “bad” or “against principles”.

7. No one gives a fuck. One should do what he/she likes, without thinking about their reputation or image.

8. If don’t score very well in exams, you’re liable to feel very very intimidated, but it all works in your favor in the end, it has to.

9. Love is overrated, but crushes are underrated.

10. No matter how intelligent friends you make, you’d still be that crazy ass everyone loves to hang out with.

11. You need to work on your English speaking skills.

12. You need to be a hosteler.

13. Computer Science or Information Technology branch might get you better job prospects but still, you’ve to earn it.

14. Intelligence plus good connection is all that’s needed.

15. No matter how ugly you are, there’d still be a guy out there interested in you. And as these four years’ end nears, you might find out there are more than one.

16. There are no rich or poor in this world, the only rich is the one with 25 or more hours per day.


One thought on “Lessons I learnt in college, precisely, at NSIT”

  1. I? should check with you here. Which isn’t one thing I often do! I take pleasure in reading a put up that can make folks think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

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