A Guide to dream a Dreamy Dream!

Okay, yes, it sounds stupid, in fact, more like a teenager’s WhatsApp status or something. But strictly speaking, that’s precisely what I’m gonna talk about. Meaning, you can dream about anything you want to (willingly of course), with little efforts. Once you know that you are in a dream, you can dream about anything you like. This is technically called “lucid dreaming”.


I came across this site called lucidipedia.com and read briefly about it, researched a little and found it somewhat interesting. Following are the key points of my readings.

It is also an art, every one may tackle it differently, but the basic strategies are the same. First, you must know when, and how do we sleep. Actually, we have many stages which we enter and exit while sleeping, which relate to your brain waves.


We dream every night, and it’s not in our hands to not to. The dreaming stage is the REM stage, which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This essentially involves a lot of eye movements, which depend on the kind of dream you’re having. So, when you have a scary dream, you might make much more eye movements, as compared to other dreams, etc. You enter REM sleep roughly after about 90 minutes of falling asleep. It typically comprises of about 20-25% of your sleeping hours (provided you’re an adult).


Step 1: Recall your Dreams

Now, for you to tame your dreams, you have to start by trying to recall your dreams. Immediately after getting up, lie still and ask yourself what did you dream about? Try to remember any detail you can recollect. Try to build a vivid picture. Keep a dream journal. Note down about the dreams you remember, doesn’t matter if it’s in fragments. This will help you analyse your dreams and see if there’s some pattern or some recurring theme.


Step 2: Discover Dreamsigns

For you to be able to effectively figure out what is the common link between most of your dreams, you’d have to review your dreams, after keeping a dream journal regularly for at least two-three weeks. Look for any bizarre thing happening repetitively, or perhaps some person, who keeps haunting/pleasing you in your dreams every now and then, or some place you find yourself at frequently in the dreams or any other thing you can think of. It could be anything.

Step 3: Recognize dreamsigns.

This will come in handy when next time you have a dream containing that dreamsign. You’d know you’re dreaming as soon as you witness it again. Also, you may employ some reality checks to be sure if you’re dreaming without getting up.

Reality Checks:


Number Check. While sleeping our brain wave activity is pretty low. The brain finds it quite hard to keep up with the time consistency. So, check your watch few times during the dream, if the time difference is outrageous, you’d know you’re dreaming.

Super Power: Try to fly, or may be, try breathing while holding your nose and your mouth closed. If you can do it, you’re surely dreaming.


Changed Appearance: Look in the mirror to see if you look any different. Have you grown a beard? Do you now have blue eyes now (assuming you’re not blue-eyes already)? Do you still have less or more than five fingers in each of your hands? If yes, you, sir, are dreaming.

Essentially, by making dreams more vivid, they’ll be easier to recall and allow you to become aware of the fact that you’re dreaming. And when you know you’re dreaming, you can do anything you like, thus, dream what you like.

550px-Lucid-Dream-Step-4 (1)

P.S. When you actually do all this, you’d really be able to get rid of nightmares and the likes.


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