Music: drug for happiness

Music is something we resort to when we’ve nothing else to do, or perhaps when you can’t possibly do anything else and all you have is your iPod or music player or the likes, or when you just need to clear your head or when you just found a song that you can relate to.


Well, this is all established and we all accept it. But according to Indian mythology/history, there lived singers who could cause rain just by their songs and/or voice. Not many people believe that, including myself. Still, I can say that music can take a whole lot of  stress out of your life temporarily irrespective of your present state of mind.

How many times does this happen that you’re too tired or bored and then you hear that one song you just love, and next thing you know is you’re dancing or screaming out the lyrics with the singer or at least lip-syncing the lyrics in public. Clearly, it has therapeutical effects too, I don’t know about physical injuries, but surely mental or emotional injuries.


Don’t you just listen to your playlist the moment you have an argument with anyone at your home and just want to spend some time alone? Why? Because that’s what your heart asks for. When you are having a bad day, we just plug in our earphones and increase the volume, and don’t give a sh*t to anything else.

Music has been prevalent in all cultures of the world ever since we can remember, I mean, as long as history dates. There must be something peculiar about that it has managed to entertain or maintain its place across continents and for centuries. Yes, scientifically also, music gives humans pleasure. Thus, as long as mankind exists, it exists for sure. It triggers dopamine, yes, the same chemical drugs like cocaine stimulate. Though cultures have different sense of choice varying person to person, the effects of their “choice” to themselves are similar, and that is how, music becomes addictive.

music (1)

Needless to say, there are times when you are almost hysterical and still can’t decide what to say, you’re out of words to express your feelings, and emotions but you somehow manage to remember that song that just represents everything you want to give vent to. Right now, I’m listening to “You found Me”, by The Fray. And there ain’t any other song I’d listen to right now, than this one.

No wonder, girls dig musicians. How can one not get attracted to someone responsible for creating something so awesome? 😉

ImageSo, just listen to your favorite songs and keep calm and of course, be happy. 🙂


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