People Die, Memories Don’t

Everyone loses someone close to them at some point of life. If you haven’t, either you’re too young to even read this post, or you’re deprived of “emotions” and there is something terribly wrong with you. And I’m assuming neither is the case with you. So, what follows is the state of trauma you live in for some time, which can vary from person to person, may be, some minutes, hours, or even days.

But there’s no denying that even if the person is not with you anymore, but you’d think about him/her often, or may be not so often, by once in a while, remembering what it felt like in that person’s presence, what it meant to be able to share yourself or just talk to that person, and realizing what it means to not seeing someone you were so attached to, or in some cases, you were dependent on anymore EVER.


You can’t just imagine it once, but then it hits you suddenly, that person is actually no more, and no kidding about it, no matter what you do, he/she ain’t coming back. There’s no way you’d ever be able to look into him/her eyes, feel his/her touch. There is no way in this world you could ever relive the moments spend with him/her. He/she is gone, for real, and FOREVER.


You can still feel his/her support with you, knowing that wherever he/she is, (s)he’d want you to be happy. He/she wouldn’t ever want to see you cry, not even to mourn his/her absence from the world. Yes, you can’t talk to him/her directly, but you knew him/her well, you can always guess what he/she might have said had you said this. No one in this world can take it away from you, the bond you had with that person. The memories you cherish are a treasure no one can possibly steal from you. Be strong, you haven’t lost anyone; you’re just in another room, and probably if you believe in life after death, perhaps, you’d meet him/her again.


More importantly, a person can never be dead if he’s living in your heart.



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