Thus, I’m a keeper.

Alright. Since, I haven’t been in a relationship so far, and apparently, I’m somewhat (in real: A LOT ) afraid of commitment, one might think I’m not a faithful person, or I’m not quite a keeper.


But well, I beg to differ. If there is someone loyal in this whole wide world, that’s me. (just kidding :P) Okay, Okay, may be not loyal per se, since that attribute of mine has never been tested, but yeah, at least I’m trustworthy for sure. Tell me a secret, or anything that I might consider not appropriate for anyone else to know, I’ll forget it straight away (so that I can’t tell anyone, even if I want to :D), unless it’s not funny. (If it’s Chandler funny, then surely everyone you know would know about it, but yeah, if you ask me explicitly to keep shut, I surely will in that case too.)

Coming back, I was trying to imply that I’m really a keeper. 😀 Really, I am. To back my statement, let me put forth some facts. I got a personal cell phone more than 4 years ago, precisely on 27th Nov. 2008 (See, such precision coming from a forgetful person like me.) I remember the day vividly, I went with my brother to buy a new phone, and as he selected it, I looked at it in utter affection. I had known then only, that no matter what, this phone will my one true love. I kept it very carefully in the early days, a little roughly later, nonetheless very dear to me. Many problems emanated in the piece I had but I always advocated getting it repaired instead of buying a new one (though now-a-days, every person changes his/her cell phone once a year or once in two years or so.) (This is how loyal I can be.)

Anyway, one fateful day, someone (some #$@% guy) stole it while I was commuting in the bus. I curse that ($%$@#$) person to this day. That was 24th Jan 2011. I’m a stable person. I know how to handle myself even when I’m upset or sad, but the facebook statuses gave it away. I really missed it. It had been with me ever since I bought it. Even those times, when you don’t have anyone with you, it gave me company along with its inbuilt games (They were pretty good time-pass.) Here, a pic of the phone.


But I had to move on, life doesn’t stop, does it? Since I required a cell phone, and my brother wanted a new one and wanted to just somehow let go of his present one. He offered me his 1-year old phone and proposed buying a new phone for himself.  Then, I just needed something to fulfill my needs, nothing more. I accepted. It was a touch phone, in terrible condition. But it served the purpose for me, so fine by me. I got it repaired once, when it just wouldn’t work. And it’s been another 2 years with that phone, and I feel an inexplicable attachment with it too, despite of all the inconvenience it often causes. Meanwhile, my brother has changed another phone and is now fed up of his latest one too. Now, tell me, who’s the keeper? I guess the answer is apparent. Just because of one or two traits, kindly don’t judge the people around you. What we see is not necessarily what is the true story. And if you’re judgmental, I just have one thing to say to you:



One thought on “Thus, I’m a keeper.”

  1. The time paradox is flawed because you can’t shoot a person back in time. Bullet will go in the future once you shoot and so that bullet can’t kill anyone in the past

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