Here Without You: The Best Song There Is.

Well, it’s a somewhat old song, I heard it while I was just scrolling and watching other’s playlists on youtube, and the moment came, when I heard the most mesmerizing song I’d ever heard till then. And I knew that I’m in love with the song there and then. There are times when you just listen to a new song you instantly liked, over and over again, but sooner or later, it dies off and it becomes the song you won’t delete but would always skip in your iPod. Well, Here Without You isn’t one of them.


The song propelled me to browse through some other songs of the band 3 Doors Down too, but man, there ain’t anything even remotely close to the song. Perhaps, my views are prejudiced and you may not like it that much, but dude, that’s not possible. It is like, everyone’s favorite. Every person I know who has heard it loves the song, irrespective of his/her favorite genre.

Apart from that, the voice of Brad Arnold, the lead vocalist of 3 Doors Down, is literally captivating. Well, personally, I like men who sing like men, meaning, I don’t like Adam Levine’s voice and of course, it goes without saying that I detest Justin Beiber’s voice too. If you’re a guy, at least sound like one! But Brad Arnold, he’s like THE MAN, he’d take away your breath with his songs, he wouldn’t let you change the song before it’s finished, he’d just keep you totally hooked even if you dislike romantic songs. Well, there are few other singers this talented and such gifted voice too, but he’s one of my favorites.


Believe me, while I’m listening to this song, I often hope I had someone to dedicate this song to, and sometimes the effect lingers on. (When I like something I can’t have, I feel like giving/gifting it to someone, and in this case, dedicate :P) The song is just awesome, and is my favorite one ever since I heard it for the first time.


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