Unsure of our International boundaries, are we?

Yes, right now, I’m angry. Haven’t we all been listening to things like, “India has always been known as a peace-loving country. Being a large entity, India has a long border and many neighbors with whom has traditionally maintained friendly and   good-neighborly, with the exception of China and Pakistan, which whom also, recent peace agreements have been established, and they have been more than happy and cordial with us.”


But what we witness is exactly the opposite. We all know about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), which is often not shown as Indian Territory on World/Asia maps, and I guess, the authorities are okay with it, considering the fact that recently the Border-Gavaskar trophy, which was proudly handed over to Mahendra Singh Dhoni by the “two legends” of Australian and Indian cricket, Alan Border and Sunil Gavaskarafter India’s stunning 4-0 brownwash of Australia in the four Test match series,with a map of India with half of Jammu & Kashmir missing; a map which looks like the maps that foreign publications use.


And apparently, BCCI is okay with this map, which is neither correct nor accurate? Is the Indian team itself okay with such an disgrace to their nation? I guess, yes, as we only saw gleaming faces, in celebration.

And not just that, in WordPress itself, when I try to see the stats of views of my blog, this is what I see:


Here, the red-colored portion is supposed to represent India. And what do we see, that not just PoK, but also, the rest of the state of Jammu and Kashmir presumably is under the threat of foreign rule.

Also, if you notice closely, even most of Arunachal Pradesh is not completely red, implying that the actual state under control of that area is not surely Indian. Then? Who else, China! After Tibet, is India its next target. See for yourself the current status of the boundaries:


I personally think China and Pakistan does not want good relation with India. And India needs to be stern about it, and not budge with everything they propose. Yes, we want peace, that’s our utmost priority but we demand substantial proof and/or assurance that that indeed what the other nation also believes in, without attacking our boundaries, and not just lip service.

And as an Indian, I can’t tolerate such attempts to capture our territory. This is what, we’ve been taught, and this is how it will be. Period.



3 thoughts on “Unsure of our International boundaries, are we?”

  1. I don’t leave even a single chance to make someone aware of this fact, the lies that we have been living in, but it really amazes you, that how few people know about this.
    This all roots to the NON VIOLENCE attitude of ours that we apply to everything.

  2. China has india trapped. Thnx to jawahar lal nehru’s idealistic peace proposals, india is not in a state now to propose nethng but peace, v hv2 play by china n pak’s rules now.

    1. Yeah right. Though we have received very friendly vibes from China’s new anarchy in 2013, but what is ours is ours, no matter what. I’m not anti-china or anti-pakistan, I’m just a pro-indian. And aggressive actions need to be taken by the govt.

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