Well educated illiterate!

I’m trying to portray a generic view, though it may seem prejudiced to only Indian society, kindly bear with me. I have not traveled much, I haven’t seen the whole world, I’m just 21, not wise enough in terms of experience and age, thus, for now, I have a myopic view about it. Right to education: one of the fundamental right. The latest added fundamental duty, in 2002: to provide opportunities for education by the parent the guardian, to his child, or a ward between the age of 6-14 years as the case may be.


We believe education is the basic step towards the country’s development and welfare. But does education mean just sending your ward off to school, and taking care of his/her marks. Teaching her subjects and/or topics that’ll help him pass the final exam or perhaps, score good marks. Doesn’t that imply that every person who passed out of school is educated? What if one such person goes on to become, say, a drug smuggler or a rapist or may be in extreme cases, a terrorist. Would that amount to anything for our country’s welfare. I don’t think so. In fact, we’ve seen it from time immortal that education systems around the world have hampered the real learning of many iconic people, for example, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, to name a few.


First of all, the general perception is: a well-educated person is the one with a respectable degree, preferably post-graduate degree or more. But what this definition is lacking is the overall development of a person. (I guess this is why even some Justices are accused of domestic violence, their mind hasn’t engulfed the true meaning of justice and law. Even when dowry is a punishable crime, every marriage I’ve ever been to literally show off the “treasure” the girl brings with her to her new family, even the most educated and already affluent family.) such moral things, common courtesies, respect to others in general are never inculcated in a person.


I believe in some sort of “civil education”, that teaches a person to be honest to himself, his family, his country, and that teaches him to respect every other person (not just women and old people, every person deserves some respect according to me, and wouldn’t it be sexist to just ask any person to be respectful to women and not other fellow men?) I demand for a fully-packed optimum development program or something like that, that gives out a civilized human being and not just another moron, trying to fit in the rat race.

Dalai Lama said, “When educating the young mind, we shouldn’t forget to teach their hearts.”


Yes, education is the necessary tool for development and welfare but when wrongly tailored, it can bring out catastrophes. There have been numerous cases in the news when young minds are brain-washed and forced into anti-social activities. The one I can recall readily would be: the recent uproar in response to the allegation by Mumbai police that Girls’ Islamic Organisation, one of the country’s largest Islamic organisations that runs many high schools and colleges in India, has been operating with the objective of “brainwashing college and school girls and training them for jihadWell, I wouldn’t believe in such allegations without any tangible proof, but I would like to add just one thing, such opinionated views about any educating society or such organisations that actually are involved in such activities, can’t  help in real “education”. They are just customizing well-educated illiterates.



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