The Lizard Syndrome

Okay, before I say anything else, let me make it clear that do NOT expect any pictures/photos in this post. I won’t include any. Next, this title is inspired from the episode names of the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”, which I closely follow. Also, if you know me personally, you’d be really amused with this post.

I have a phobia of lizards. There’s no specific term for this phobia, I think, as I’ve searched prior to this post :P. The generic term is “Herpetophobia”, meaning, the phobia  of reptiles (lizards inclusive). Well, I have seen snakes a few times, and yet I wasn’t quite scared of them, just kept my distance for the sake of safety. Thus, I figure this term isn’t completely applicable to me. Anyway, when it comes lizards or perhaps chameleons also, I can’t even explain properly what happens to me. I don’t even know why I’m scared of them. I know they can’t possibly hurt me, in fact, they are scared of me. But still, I’ve this inexplicable fear of lizards. If I see one, like 2 meters away, I would jump and run in opposite direction irrespective of the company I’m having.

In fact, once, I was having my viva voce, and I saw a lizard in one corner of that room, on the wall behind the teacher in front of me. I remember vividly that I didn’t look up in the entire session again.  I could feel my raised heart beats, and I made no eye contact with the teacher at all after that. I told her everything she was asking, looking only at the notebook in my hand where I explained it. And once the viva was over for me, I ran like a ninja from the room, and by that time, she had also figured the reason of my eerie behavior. I went away from the room, to a place where even the room’s closed door wasn’t visible, drank some water, relaxed, and listened to some pleasant music.

This is just one of many such stories. Believe me, I have plenty. (P.S. In India, lizards are like household pets, they are there in every home, but not mine. I take proper steps, and ask others to shoo a lizard away as soon as they spot one. Yet, I do encounter them once in a while. :'()

This one time, I was talking to my (transient) crush on phone . Yeah, it felt awesome talking to him, but guess, who had to ruin the moment for me. Yes, you’re right. A lizard! We were just discussing about nonsense things, just for the sake of talking. And then, I saw a lizard on the opposite wall  and I couldn’t utter another word. I was gasping for air. (Yes, unlike other girls, I don’t scream when I see something I’m scared of, I just lose my senses and can’t understand what else to do other than running away.) My legs start shaking but thankfully, I don’t cry, or else, I’m not sure if anyone would have been able to handle me.

And I don’t think I’ll ever go for some therapy to get over this phobia, not because it doesn’t bother me, it does. But because I think during therapy, I’ll have to go near these creatures, and I really can’t imagine myself doing so.

Honestly, what I hate about them is their speed, you just can’t tell where they’ll reach by the time, you’ve just blinked and/or moved a step. Plus, their freaking eyes coming out of their skin. I mean, WTH(F)..This is more scary than any horror movie I might have seen ever. (My favorite horror movies are The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Drag me to Hell, and believe me, a lizard can scare the hell out of me, but these movies couldn’t scare me that much.) I’m not even comfortable looking at them, I remember, I folded a page in my Science book in 5th grade, because it showed a picture of a lizard. I didn’t even prepare from that page in finals.

In short, I think they are just eww (as one of my friend would have described it).


One thought on “The Lizard Syndrome”

  1. End mein ‘ew’ 😀
    also, of u r so bothered bcuz f dis, u shud c some1. I promise u they wont bombard u wid lizard pics or live lizards, dt wud b inhumane n unethical. U wil hv2 think of lizards tho.. Or try hypnotherapy if u wana try somthng weird..

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