Do you have a New Folder?

If you use Windows, then every time you want to make a separate folder for anything you create a “New Folder” and then you are prompted to name it with something appropriate suiting its contents (or misleading, as you might please) but what most of the people do, is press “Enter”, rendering the name of the folder as “New Folder” itself. (According to me, this habit is dreadfully annoying honestly.) In this respect also, I rather prefer Ubuntu, it names a new folder by default as “Untitled Folder” which itself emphasizes that the user didn’t care enough to name it. (Although the same logic is applicable on Windows “New Folder” also, I mean, every time you see a “New Folder”, you’d know that the user is a busy personality with a sharp memory and doesn’t have the time and/or need to name it but what I’m trying to say is when the name itself says Untitled, it implies, it needs a title but hasn’t acquired one as yet. I hope you get the picture.)


In any case, I ask such people, how much time would it take to type a relevant word anyway? Okay, I get it if you’re super-busy and can’t spare few seconds to name the folder. But you can sleep for 10 odd hours a day or spend hours on facebook doing essentially nothing or no productive work to be precise, but you just can’t name a folder with a suitable name. Okay, so you say, your porn is safer in a folder named “New Folder” as compared to “Academics”. Well, I really doubt that. As a normal human being, if I view one such folder, I’d be curious as to what is inside it, that you can’t think of a suitable name or how miscellaneous the files are. Not the other way around. (By the way, in case you want to hide it, you should rather change the folder’s properties and make it hidden.)

And, I get it if you have an extremely sharp memory and you don’t need to name the folders to remember which documents/files are where. So, randomness will only confuse others. In that case, I say: go for it. (Though I’ll still be very irritated looking at such folder names, but it totally makes sense in this case.)

For others, if that’s not enough, when they again need to create a new folder in a directory which already contains a “New folder”, they wouldn’t type a name for the folder, when prompted and what comes now is “New Folder(2)” and it’s a repetitive process: New off springs “New Folder(3)”, “New Folder(4)” and so on, sequentially see the light of the day.


Yes, this bothers me a lot. As an example, I don’t have a single folder named New Folder, may be, sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I might not type a suitable name, but being the forgetful and not-so-busy person I am, I always care enough to rename it later, the very next time I see it. 



One thought on “Do you have a New Folder?”

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