A hungry mosquito? I say, a perverted mosquito!

Before anyone takes me for a judgmental person, let me clarify that I’m not. It’s just a stray thought. Now that summers have arrived, it is obvious that lots of mosquitoes must be sucking up not only your blood but also your peace during nights, and for lazy ones like myself, in the day as well. And being irritated is pretty natural.


And nothing works on them either, one might spray as much household insecticides as they have, but the mosquitoes have become immune to everything, even mosquito repellent creams. And personally, I’ve a habit of sleeping in a blanket irrespective of the weather, and yet they somehow find a way to infiltrate, courtesy their size. Then again, I guess they deliberately look for ways to tease specifically me.


See, I never liked them. But earlier (when I was sweet and nice) I used to just shoo them away but never used to kill any mosquito, as apparently I believed that I have no right to take any other organism’s life and blah, blah! (Heavy, ain’t it? I KNOW. I’ve had my share of being young and stupid.) Now that I’ve become the person I am now (precisely, devilish and evil :P), I’ve developed this huge urge to kill mosquitoes whenever I see any, around me sitting somewhere. (Blood for blood.)

When, how and why this urge? I myself don’t know. But I must admit, I’ve always been the favorite victim of the mosquitoes and all types of such insects. For you to understand my pain and ordeal, let me show you a picture. This is my hand after being bitten by some insect while I was sleeping. (P.S. No one else was bitten except me)


I know, it’s looking cute, I thought so too. But it was paining a lot too. (Curse those insects.) By the way, I’m not a chubby girl, for proper comparison, let me share another picture.


And this is not the only time this happened with me, I’ve more pics too. But I guess, this should suffice. Anyway, the point is I’ve always been the most plausible victim. Today itself when I got up, I had two mosquito bites on my cheeks, and one at my neck, and one on my elbow. Well, that got me thinking if it is really only the hunger that has propelled them to this blood sucking business. I guess not. Or is it that our blood is somewhat sweeter. Well, I really doubt that. At least not mine.


My friend, Meenu (pseudonym :P) once got bit by a mosquito and she didn’t turn up to school for 2 days, because the bite had made her lips pout. 😀 (I’m not kidding, this is a real story.) And as far as I know, no guy ever reported such an eerie incident. Thus, my conclusion:  perverted. Well, may be, this conclusion is based on a very small set of data and perhaps with more subjects, a better picture could be painted, but again this is just a stray thought. I’m not investigating or analyzing the places where they bite and their choice of victims.


One thought on “A hungry mosquito? I say, a perverted mosquito!”

  1. Oh. I hd a swollen face once cuz of a mosquito bite. N to ur concept of perverse mosquitoes, ye sare machhar dt bite us r girls. N they bite guys too. Altho interesting fact is that in medical terms, homosexuality is perversion. so if they r biting girls more often, they myt b perverse. I kno ye bada stupid ho gaya..

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