Always the next-best-thing.. :(

So, you say, you didn’t get what you wanted,
What you believed would be the best;
Though what you got is perhaps the next best thing,
Yet you feel a little pain in your chest.

You might have knuckled down
All your days with a such precise aim;
You might have slogged on and on
ceaselessly, until the judgment day came


But life isn’t fair, it didn’t reward you well..
Well enough for you to live your dream;
Frustrated, you lament, you cry,
You yell and the world, you blaspheme.

However, people congratulate you for a job well done,
But what they see is a heart in sadness;
Perplexed, they deem you as a naysayer,
Still, there’s no way you can explain your mental distress.


It all boils down to only one thing:
No one gets what their soul really fancies.
Everyone always gets the next best thing
So you gotta tell your heart, this is just how it is!


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