Have you ever been a “filter-paper-thief”?

If you don’t know what that means. Please visit any secondary school in India, which has a Chemistry Lab. Those of you, who studied in such a school would just shout, “Been there, done that!” Well, I know.

Our curriculum teaches us chemistry separately since 6th grade, but not until we chose Science in 11th grade, do we really get to mess with the chemicals etc on our own. And from what we see in television, our perception of a chemistry lab is something like this:

chemanim images (1) images

All the colorful chemicals in all types of flasks, test tubes, etc., so how do we think will we look like if we get to work in a chemistry lab:

images (2)1097097-Clipart-Happy-Blond-Scientist-Boy-Holding-A-Flask-And-Test-Tube-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration

but what really is the case is something like this:

CHEMISTRY LABwhere the teacher does it all and we are mere spectators. And the ones in front are considered to be the “lucky” ones, you know. (Look at her smile.) And sometimes, whenever we get a chance to get hold of anything, and I really mean anything, related to “Chemistry Lab”, we just “steal” it and flaunt it off among our peers later. I, myself, found two-three filter-papers I must have stolen from the lab, some 10 years ago. Then, it was such a big deal, and now I just laugh it off.

(Actually I was going through some old books when I beheld some filter papers in them, and then many old memories dawned upon my mind and hence, this post!)


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