F*ck that judgmental pig!

No one likes everyone else. Some hatreds are primarily due to difference in opinions, and apparently the ideas about right and wrong,  along with other varied reasons. And some might be just inexplicable, admit it, we all hate/dislike  someone immensely and we don’t even know why. Believe me, there’s nothing to feel bad about it. It’s only natural.

But with this point in mind, we have to give others the liberty to dislike us (for no plausible reason you can think of) too. Well, even if you don’t hate anyone and you’re some saint, there would be some humane part of you who would dislike or would have disliked someone at some point of time without any reason.  The most apparent examples are the celebrities we just don’t like. I mean, we haven’t met them, or talked to them, or even seen them from a distance. Still, we do. This makes disliking someone you have at least interacted with seem so unnatural, ain’t it?

Clearly, this has nothing to do with that person, since you yourself don’t think he/she wronged you in any way, which could have remotely given you any possible reason for detesting him/her. And since there is no reason for this loathing, there’s nothing that person can do for you so that you don’t feel so. Similarly, there would be folks who’d dislike/hate you and in the light of this argument, you shouldn’t bother yourself too.

People might dislike you for some “rubbish” reasons too, but why should you care, as long as they’re not your family. If any damn person can’t handle your attitude, to hell with him. That’s his freaking problem. He’s being the judgmental moron. Moreover, in 90 % of the cases, that very person would have done the exact same thing had he/she been at your place.

For example, here, in India, if a girl is wearing short clothes in crowded areas, the judgmental old ladies literally eyeball her, even more than perverts. They would then talk among themselves about how inappropriately she’s dressed. But I can bet, if any one of them were 21 and had such a body, they themselves would love to wear shorts and spaghetti, provided no acquaintance of theirs notices them.
Yes, you’re old; yes, you were born about three decades ago; yes, you’re not that open minded; and yes, you won’t even look nice if you’d wear these, so keep blabbering as much as you want, but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, this pic rightly portrays how judgmental people are:


At the same time, I do believe gossiping is a great therapy for women and also everyone has their right to speech. So I personally feel that it’s totally fine if you badmouth me, as long as you can bring that argument in front of me and at least defend your points. In her biography on Voltaire, Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote the phrase: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

In the nutshell, people may judge, talk and badmouth you. All you gotta do is, respect their right to speech. Aaahhh, just f*ck them. It’s your life and it’s none of their f***ing business, let them talk shit. So keep calm and don your “don’t care” attitude forever. Their opinion shouldn’t matter anyway. They can stoop so low, but you need not.


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