If it’s not wrapped in bubble wrap, it’s not good enough! :P

Oh yes, I’m 21 and still go crazy when I get an unpopped bubble wrap, even better, when someone who shares the same craziness with me is also present, and we fight, we argue and leave our maturity behind. We become some well-trained ninjas, and the sole aim of the moment then becomes getting hold of the bubble wrap and saving it from the evil enemy, I mean, the other person.

Woah! It’s so much fun. And researchers have also identified this anti-depressant nature of this simple commodity, meant to be used as cushioning material. It relieves stress. (And we all know, what the secondary reason for ordering things online is. ;))


In fact, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is celebrated on the last Monday of January. And I know what would be the best gift, a gift wrapped in *Bubble Wrap*. Ain’t it? 😛

Japanese are the coolest folks, they even made a key chain called, Mugen Puchipuchi, which  is the electronic emulation of this ingenious thing. Here, have a look:


Isn’t it cool? This way, you don’t need to buy anything to get some bubble wrap, all you need is to look for your key chain, which of course you’d keep with yourself. (I expect you’s keep your car keys or house keys attached to this. 😛 )
In any case, if any one of you is willing to gift me this, here’s the link:

Hoping to get one very soon. 😛 And now the legendary picture with which we all can very well relate to:



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