Nature is cruel = the Ugly Truth!


Greeks were probably the only ancient civilization which gave their Gods some humane touch. Other than them, for centuries our ancestors prayed to mother nature for fulfilling their basic needs. This is reason enough that nature has always been cruel to mankind or any other species, and humans believed that praying the respective Gods can please the can save them from the anger of nature.

To this end, many of you might not be convinced. But the theory of evolution by natural selection clearly objectifies this claim. I must say, Charles Darwin thought ahead of his time, and brought upon the world a striking revelation,  evolution. It says that nature chooses species worthy of living, and it’s all a race for survival. It may not be visible to us, as it is a slow process altogether. But every second the predators are getting better a catching prey and at the same time, prey are getting better at escaping. It’s a never-ending ongoing competition.

There’s no denying that the reality of life is struggling, suffering and death. No place is secure. You may claim that that’s not the case with other animals, and not so much for human beings. But there has been some recent revelations that some ladies have a innate resistance towards the deadly disease AIDS, which means perhaps after some centuries, people with such can survive and rest all might extinguish.


In short, we can’t blame anyone to be unfair to us. If you wish for something and don’t get it, then certainly someone who deserves it more, got it. You don’t even have a right to complain about life and world’s cruelty,unfairness etc. It all boils down to only one thing: Do what you must. And don’t expect anyone to be fair. Life isn’t fair, why should he/she be anyway.


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