An open letter to “Sleep” <3

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Dear sleep,
You’re so awesome and pleasant, you’ve always been my first priority. Had you been a guy, I would have dated you forever, and never let go. Whenever I’m not well, even my parents just pray for me to be able to sleep. You’re the ultimate solution to every problem of mine. Whenever I’m angry or depressed, I just try to sleep, and handle the situation later when I’m in my senses. Thank you, for being so kind to me, as I’m able to sleep sooner than other people (I’ve noticed), except the times when I’m super-tired.


I know you love me too, because you don’t let me get up, even if I’m missing my classes or any important event too. You don’t let me wake up by alarms, or from any calls. That simply elucidates our strong bond. I miss you almost every waking second of my life. If I believed in true love, it’d have been for you. But I have a infinitesimally small complaint for you. I mean, yes, I love you and everything, but why do you love me so much. I think a little less should suffice too. As you must be knowing, my personal space holds a very dear position in my life, so I guess if only you could let go of me for perhaps a couple of hours, I’d be just great.

Baby, don’t be upset. You know, I’ve been quite busy lately, and haven’t quite devoted much time to you, don’t you? So I thought of a solution too. I propose a little more mutual freedom. This way, I won’t feel sleepy all day too.

Love you,
truly yours.



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