How I became anonymous (literally :P)

Honestly,  I’ve always been socially awkward, I mean, as a kid also, I had a hard time trying to strike a conversation with anyone. (Though I bet, you’d have no clue how awkward I’d be feeling, if we were to interact for the first time. This, my friend, is one of my hidden talents :P)  Nonetheless, this is primarily why  I was never the “attention-seeker-kid” at home or in school. (Though my personal belief is, invariably every kid craves for a lot of attention, which is one of the reasons why I’m not fond of kids and I think I’ll write a post about that too, very soon.) By the way, I think I get carried away easily, sorry about that, I’ll try to remain focused now. 😐 , just kidding, I don’t see how’s that even possible 😛 . Okay, as I was saying, I never used to utter things that’ll grab teachers’ or elders’ or other kids’ attention. That sort of still defines me. I still don’t publicize anything I did great in, or whatever.

Here’s a meme to illustrate how awkward I feel at times: 😛


And this is how, I only have a limited social group, I may talk to a lot of people in my class, but outside…almost nil. There are hardly any students of other department/branch of the same session, I’m acquainted with. That never quite bothered me.
Another habit that makes me “anonymous” is my lack of interest in college/school gossips. Things like: who is going out with whom, who has a crush on whom, who had a fight with whom, what he/she told her/him in front of whom, and the likes never fascinated me. Which is also why, if someone tells me anything apparently “spicy”, I keep it to myself, and break the *sacred* chain. And obviously, why should anyone tell me such things anyway? To test my honesty and trustworthiness? Well, yes, not bragging but I’m a pretty honest and trust worthy person. But actually, I don’t forward such gossips or anecdotes essentially because I’m very forgetful, not that I care about such petty things. But mostly, you’d share something with me, and it’ll be gone into a black hole, called Vasu’s Memory, with no chance of seeing the light of the day again.
Coupled with other reasons, I’ve earned an anonymity not many people want. But I believe this anonymity gives me a space, which is very dear to me (I love my personal space, and can’t really tolerate anyone prying or endangering it, which is why I respect other people’s space too. And believe it or not, a friend of mine used to complain that “You give unnecessarily a lot of space, I don’t want that much space, keep me hooked.” I somehow managed the situation). And for most of the time, I treasure and cherish it (“it” refers to my anonymity). Since being acquainted with more people means, socializing more, and that means, OMG..socializing more..SOCIALIZING….damn…I think I’m better off as some “Anonymous” person.

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