The curious case of my often mispronounced name.

Many of you might have noticed the name of my blog “”. Today, I wanted to share the motivation behind this title. My name is “Vasu”. It is a girls’ name, meaning, Wealth, Money, Splendor and the likes. (Nice, isn’t it?)

But very similar to my name, is the name “Vaasu”, which is often written as “Vasu” only. And to my horror, this name is a somewhat popular boys’ name. Thus, my agony.


Well, given these circumstances it is acceptable to me if someone mispronounces my name once because I also understand that not every sound can be written down in any language (my heartiest apologies if your language does, and I have ignored it, kindly give me the benefit of doubt, I’m not a linguist )

But after I correct him/her (which I most definitely will, as long as I’ve a voice), I expect the other person to take a note of it, and not repeat it again. But inevitably, I generally have to correct a person around 5-6 times on an average before they finally get it right. and that is simply infuriating. It is my GODDAMN name, a part of my identity. It is not meant to be tampered with. It’s such a simple name, just four letter, but still……..


Okay, yes, I’m very fixated on it, but I don’t have a complicated name and I don’t think it’s a lot to ask from a grown-up, literate to just get my name right after 2-3 times. Well, I don’t mind being the center of mockery, when I incessantly correct everyone who mispronounces my name, irrespective of the relation, be it some fellow student, some relative, or any respected teacher or professor. It’s been 20 years, still I’ve to go through the same procedure every time I am at a new place, for the initial couple of months.  Numerous times, I’ve been mistaken as a boy, just on reading my name.


Being the understanding person I am, that’s fine by me, but at least I demand an effort from all the literate folks I come across to remember it, as a girl’s name too. I repeat, it’s such a short name, I don’t think, that should be any trouble. In fact, pronouncing names correctly builds rapport and open doors for your business. Here, to substantiate this claim, I’ve included the following link, have a look:



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