Me = Wannabe Cool Forever

I’ve always considered the “cool” tag very dear to me. (It is probably the second most important trait, I’d like in myself. (pretty precise, eh? ūüėČ ) (omg, I’m using nested¬†parenthesis, okay, that’s uncool, so i’ll stop :D))

But the definition of being cool varies a lot, and there is no well-defined concrete definition of “being a cool person”. For some, it’s equivalent to being rich, for others, it’s equivalent to being a rapper or a guitarist, and there’s a long list, which includes more than one such criteria too. For me, it’s being an “easy¬†traveler”, in simple words, if the people you travel with, find you comfortably¬†tolerable, somewhat amiable too preferably; and better still, if you get to hear, that, “It’s always fun to travel with you.”, “You are one of the least demanding person to travel with¬†“, or something of the sort.

These are the compliments I’d rather like to get, but unfortunately, I hardly hear such comments/compliments. There is a very simple reason for that. You might think, I’m a typical girl (well, for most things, pretty much, that’s me..), so that just doesn’t fit my image. But here, my friend, you’re totally mistaken. It might come to you as a shock, or may be something not very common, but actually I never seem to have a problem with anything (I mean, while visiting a place). I’ll go wherever others want to go, I’ll not complain about weather,¬†tiredness,¬†thirst, hunger, and not even “not-so-good-snaps” of mine. (Shocked?? I KNOW!! :D) Yet, no one says such kind and comforting words to me, and the reason is: I don’t get to travel that often. (Sad, isn’t it? ) In my entire life, which spans around 21 long years, I’ve only been to ¬†two trips, including one weekend get-away, with just one friend, and another a trip cum meeting, I was only with acquaintances. So, you can pretty much imagine, I deserve a better outing.


Being the outgoing person I am, being caged in a single city for my entire life is such a nightmare for me, which is why I long to break free, and broaden my horizons of opinions and views. (Confused? How did I related the two?) Let me quote the famous author Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.


Think about it. I personally totally agree with him, and hope to travel a lot some day, becoming the “coolest person” who ever walked the planet.


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