Battling demotivation..

Well, I like to learn new things, of all kinds. I like to visit new places, meet new people. But what captivates me most is how people innovated, discovered, and made a difference to the world as we see it, right now. Okay, I’m not a geek, I’m an average performer in my studies. And as for now, I don’t even know my passions, I mean I know, what I like, but can’t just proclaim that as my passion.

Coming back to what I wanted to share, with such an inquisitive and curious mind, and I feel, above average IQ too, I fail to do well in my academics. That is fine by me too (most of the time). But what literally torments me is, not understanding some topics of subjects I really like, or at least find interesting enough. It’s kinda sad and depressing. It’s like, you have a gift, a life, an opportunity to learn so much, you’ve a working brain, you’re intelligent enough; and you just abuse this. Perhaps, someone else who really wants to learn, could do better, and may be some future inventor  or researcher, and what not could have benefited from the education I’m getting right now, which he/she for some reason couldn’t manage to receive . Right now, it’s one of those phases, when I’ve realized I don’t understand simple things too.


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