Don’t trust anyone, even the devil was once angel.

Here, I, before everything else, want to emphasize that this is indeed true, and is not just a metaphorical statement. According to what I’ve learned so far (which is almost nil), God created everything, and he is incapable of creating anything remotely evil. Then who created Satan and other sinners? Well, apparently, he was created as an angel, as guardian of the Earth. Satan was more powerful than any other being except the holy trinity. And God loved him. But, he wanted more, he wanted to be worshiped instead of God, so he lied, sinned and fell. And, thus, became the Devil. He is also believed to manage insinuating 1/3rd of the angels to rebel again God. He also challenged God, that humans won’t remain faithful to him, if he stopped providing for them. So, God gave him the ownership of the world, only to prove him wrong, and that’s how the world is full of pain, remorse, sorrows, and ordeals.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, yeah, I thought so too. Call it, my paranoia, but I’m not a trusting person (trustworthy though :P). This story illustrates my point loud and clear. I’m not religious in any way, nor am I an atheist, I’m more of an agnostic. But what I wanted to imply with this story is, things like greed, pride, lust, etc are all human innate tendencies, and you can’t possibly know when and what might over-power someone you trust’s sense of right-and-wrong, and he/she might just break your trust. And if you lament later, cry out loud, pray for relief to your pain, curse the person responsible, nothing could do any good to your own self. To be very true, I won’t blame the other person much, as eventually it all boils to the fact that you gave him/her the opportunity/right to hurt you. I’m not saying just retaliate from the world since there is no one you can possibly trust, all I want to say is, trust the ones who you think deserve it but only slowly, give it time and even then, don’t blindly trust anyone.

I again want to emphasis that not every person will break your trust, there are so nice people out there in the world, you’d yourself feel devilish, not kidding. At the same time, there are so terrible people too, you can’t even get to imagine. So just stay in full control of your life, don’t let anyone get a chance to ruin it for you.

And instead of playing the blame game, introspect, what can YOU do to yourself. As, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. In this respect, I’d also like to point out that in life, often we also behave which startles us, now that we think about it. So, love everyone, give everyone fair chances too, but keep your required distance as well.

In short, TRUST BUT NOT BLINDLY, as you never know. Life’s uncertain.


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