Why I don’t like gifts?

Yes, I’m a girl and I don’t like gifts or surprises. Many factors add to this tendency of mine. Let me spell them out for you.

First, there is an element of uncertainty involved. Not necessarily, you’d like it. Yes, there are a lot of emotions involved too. You’re happy that someone wants to see that smile that lights up your face when you’re pleased seeing the gift, well, here, they totally rule out the possibility of you not liking it altogether.


Also, you’ve to be aware of your facial expression, as in making sure that you look impressed, stunned but in a good way, and potentially ecstatic, no matter how the gift is, so that you don’t “hurt” the sentiments of your loved ones.


But, what if, you totally hate it, you can’t ask for the bill, so that you can go and exchange it for something you’d like., worse when it’s hand-made with their precious time devoted too. You can’t tell others your “true” feelings about it anyway. In any case, whether you actually like it or not, you have to act like you are totally in love with it, even if you really are, you’ve to exaggerate your happiness.

Also, sometimes, it’s even awkward to accept gifts, I mean, don’t we all have such friends who think you’re their “bestest” friend, but this feeling isn’t mutual? You generally wouldn’t give them any gift, so don’t feel you should accept one from them either, but you can’t say no directly.


As you can’t afford to hurt him/her too, so you’ve to put some efforts to make it look authentic, your reaction. Not only that, this puts you in a complicated position, that is, what to get him/her on right occasions, as clearly you don’t feel attached but since the other person made such efforts, of course you’d like to reciprocate the concern, love and care, for all times’ sake.


Above everything, I dislike researching for getting a gift for someone else; you know you can’t simply ask the person what he/she wants as gift, in most cases; you can’t decide whether what you choose, would have been chosen by him/her too. Well, the odds are very low, of that happening, anyway. There is this pressure on you already, if the person had previously given you a super-awesome gift. Of course, you don’t want to look stupid.


All in all, gifts are a social convention I never liked, it hardly serves any purpose, other than the short-lived happiness, provided, you like the gift.


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