Why I dislike romantic flicks?


This post is regarding the American hardcore romantic movies like P. S. I love you, A Walk To Remember, etc and the romantic comedies, like The Ugly Truth, Definitely Maybe, What Happens in Vegas, etc, I’ve seen.

First of all, my views may seem too biased, pardon me for that in advance. Also, let me establish that I’m not quite a believer of love, but I do respect people in love and their feelings. And probably, that’s the reason I ever watched any such movie at first place. Let me tell you the gist of it.

Me –> I don’t believe in love.
Close Friends –> I thought, they think like me too.

But,  once-upon-a-time, there was a season of link-ups among my close friends. Most didn’t tell me right away, but when I got to know about them, one by one, I was really ecstatic and congratulated them. But I couldn’t really understand it, you know, what the fuss all about, and why is it a big deal. So, I thought movies are the best way to understand “love”…Oh my, how can I be so naive and stupid!!

Now that it is clear that I’m not fond of romantic movies, you might wonder why I watch them at first place even now *voluntarily*. Well, to that, all I’ve to say is, in such movies, there is this amazingly handsome dashing, almost surreal male lead, sometimes blue-eyed too (I have a thing for blue-eyes guys 😉 ). I mean, romantic comedies are generally not longer than 110 mins (assuming an average), which is not much of a time waste in that respect, if you ask me, honestly.

The generic story would be, the girl is super hot, nice and helping chick, yet single. She is totally into her work and career, and essentially very stressed out because of her work, and then one fine day…BAM!!…this handsome hunk, with THE cutest smile ever, a womanizer at heart, crosses paths with her. They have a rocky start but somehow the situation forces them, and somehow they are stuck with each other, that is when they see each others’ attractive qualities, and develop a liking for each other, but they are still unsure of each other’s feelings. Exactly when the guy gathers all the courage to spell it out for her directly (as she is either shown to be ignorant to his signs, or the guy never lets her sense his true feelings), the past interferes, there are enormous misunderstandings cropping up one after another between them, and there seems to be no way they can ever look at each other the same way. But, but, but, my friend, behold, the guy knows this is the MOMENT OF TRUTH, she is THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS, he is in “LOVE” really, and there can never be another, even close to her. He manages to convince her that he apparently never felt love before, and he is a changed man now, and nothing can ever alter that fact. And eventually, by virtue of their mutual love, she know he is telling the truth, at least this time. And like you’re expecting, they stay together against all the odds, and they “lived happily ever after.” This is pretty much it, with minute variations here and there.

Clearly, everything sound like a spoof, or some mockery of (almost) every person’s dream of finding THE PERFECT person for himself/herself. Such movies further raise their hopes so high that now their criteria are touching new heights altogether. And this piles up, movie after movie, catapulting them into a fantasy world, a dream which might never come true. They depict that “Everybody has a lobster” (You’d get this, if you religiously used to follow F.R.I.E.N.D.S.), meaning there is always someone, the right and prefect match for everyone.  For example: If a guy can get such a girl friend while in prison, I still have my social group. I can do better. (In reference to Prison Break, male protagonist Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller. Well, no offence to the fans, I’m one of you, just making a point how people raise their hopes so high.) The guy is in the prison for armed robbery, and the girl is the prison doctor. Have a look:

Coming back, broadly, boys want hot and nice girls. Girls want rich, intelligent and romantic guys. The order of priority may differ though. This leaves most chunk of society not eligible altogether,  and they resort to such “heavy” dreams and fantasies. Even if one satisfies this criteria, his/her criteria may be further sky-rocketing with no suitable candidate available. All in all, I think romantic movies are as misleading as any Hindi News Channel shows.


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