The Attacks of 26/11 Reviews (I mean, goofs)

I went to see The Attacks of 26/11 today in a really happy mood. I was expecting a lot from the movie for the following reasons:

>> It is based on a real fateful terrorist attack, on Mumbai on 26/11/2008. (

>> I had already seen a great and moving BBC documentary based on the same attacks. (

It is not very often that I watch a Bollywood movie. Either the star cast should have Shahrukh Khan or Hritik Roshan or the movie should be one hell of a thriller (w.r.t Indian movies that is), for it to be suitable for my viewing :P. (Okay, let’s not sway from the topic)


So, yes, the movie was an utter disgrace to the victims, it poorly portrayed the hysteria of the people getting out alive, may be feeling “Survivor’s Guilt “, having to see innumerable dead bodies right in front of you. Even, the blood, the shootings, the victims didn’t look genuine. I’d say, only 2-4 deaths looked real. Even when there was a blast, it looked obvious that people were jumping themselves instead of due to the impact of a blast.

Also, some conversations between Kasab and his partner was so lame, if you really think about it. They are trained professionals, why does he need to be told that he shouldn’t show mercy to even children and women, why is he explaining why should they attack a hospital too, isn’t just an action enough to tell him to throw a grenade (why bother speaking) , why tell him to not waste bullets, as killing as many people as possible is the real motive, I mean come on, what were you taught in your training.

Above everything, what infuriated me most is, instead of showing that regular people may be terrorists, shady-looking, brooding men are shown to be terrorists. Secondly,  none of them really looked authentic.  In the second half, the guy portraying Kasab delivers a nice monologue, and a monologue by the ever versatile Nana Patekar was splendid too.

Even the shoot-outs were looking visibly fake, to add to it, in 1-2 scenes, the reaction of Mumbai Police was shown to be utterly stupid and senseless, for eg, the time when Kasab and his partner were in a Skoda car, and they were spotted by the police. When it was already shown that they were carrying grenades, the policemen were shown to be closing upon the car in clusters. In addition to that, it was shown that when a policemen opened the car front gate to get their corpses out, Kasab suddenly starts shooting him, and after he’s brought out, everybody is busy beating him up, that the possibility of the other terrorist acting being dead is totally ruled out.

Even on the last moments of the movie, when he was hanged till death, his legs are shown to be moving even after 4-5 secs, which is just outrageously nonsense.

All in all, that movie is more of a slow comedy, with events not properly spaced/edited. Only Nana Patekar’s acting (though slow dialogue delivery, but that could be because the person he was portraying does so, I’d give him a benefit of doubt) was worth watching.

It was such a sensitive, and unfortunate tragic incident in the history of India, at least a movie on such issue is supposed to be impactful, in the least, but alas, The Attacks of 26/11 was a total wastage of money.

I say, rather watch the documentary “Terror in Mumbai” [2009].


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