If karma is a b*tch, be a meaner one!

Well, this is my first blog, and apparently I should maintain some decency and at least not abuse. But what can I say, in life, even if all you do is try not to hurt anyone by any means, all that keeps happening suggests that you’re the culprit. You distance yourself emotionally from every possible person, yet apparently all you do is hurt everyone around.


At one point of time, when you’re terribly messed up, get some time to introspect; you’ll realize, the curses of all people are coming back to you.

You might keep telling yourself, that you did what you had to do; but is that really true? Couldn’t you have at least humbly and politely told him that you’re not interested in him instead of out rightly ignoring him (well, he shouldn’t have incessantly irritated me daily, nothing I said got into his head, had no other choice)? Couldn’t you have told her the truth in a less blunt manner (dude, I’m not a politician)?

You always seem to have some explanation for your behavior, which only means that you feel the “guilt” only because you’re screwed up right now, you look back at the time when you screwed up someone else and feel somewhat bad for him/her out of sympathy.

It’s better to let go of things, mistakes, regrets, guilt, nostalgia, everything. You’re all alone, always were, always will be. So, get your sh*t together , brainstorm the current situation, chalk out a plan RIGHT NOW. Only let your brain work for sometime now.


If Karma is one mean b*tch, be a meaner b*tch. Screw it like a boss!


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